• Bones Brigade - An Autobiography. This piece is really special to me because it’s not everyday that you get to see your work (much less your name) on Admittedly, this was pretty much just a layout and styling of existing assets, but again – Bones Brigade! Not complaining.

  • Impossible. A couple weekends ago I decided to start my day by figuring out how to draw impossible objects. This is the first, I plan on doing more.

  • Into The Woods. Did another mix for Designers.MX, this time all drum n bass. Wanted to continue the theme from the last mix, with part of the type being obscured by something in the image.

  • Ooh baby, I like it raw. I was listening to ODB and had and idea I wanted to put down. This was the result.

  • SimpleGeo Website. The SimpleGeo website is really fun to design. Geographic icons, topography, maps, et al – all cool elements to draw from. The design is meticulously constrained to the grid, and most of the content sits within polygons whose points are plotted on it.

    Click here to see more SimpleGeo design

  • The Hard Way. This is what happens when you ask me to make a metal mix and design a cover for it. I was watching 127 Hours when I came up with the concept, and got to work immediately after. I started out with this image from iStockPhoto and then, um, hacked away. It’s 100% Photoshop, with the exception of the ovals for the severed parts, which I made in Illustrator. The type is Neutraface Slab Display Thin.

    Click here to listen to the mix

  • SimpleGeo logo redesign. The type is customized Gotham Rounded and Gotham along with the compass illustration which I redrew for continuity with the new type.

  • Goremet. When I lived in Colorado, my friend Danny and I started a horror movie and potluck club. This is the logo I designed for it.

  • Threadless logo refresh. Added the “tees” descriptor and updated the “Nude No More” text using a slightly vertically stretched version of HFJ’s typeface, Archer, which I chose to replace Apex Serif after many years of faithful service.

  • The Threadless Store. We had always talked about opening a store, and by 2006, we had no reason not to. I got to do graphic and web design along with some industrial and interior design too. The Threadless Store is a serious contender for the most fun project I’ve been a part of.

    Click here to see more Threadless Store design

  • Threadless Alumni Club Medal.  When we came up with the Threadless Alumni Club, we wanted to be to give each alumni a bunch of cool swag. I customized the Alumni Club logo I designed to be used for these awesome little embossed steel medals.

  • IllList. The funny thing about Illlist is that I wasn’t actually invited to join until years after I had done the logo. The brainchild of my friend Harper Reed and others, Illlist is a giant Google group of epically awesome proportions. The rest is a secret :)

    The darker version on the top is the one we went with.

  • Hejfina. This site design was for a high-end furniture store in Chicago. Sadly, this never saw the light of day and this photo is the only record I have of the design.

  • Villians Bar & Grill. I sometimes take on fun and/or challenging freelance projects so I can stay fresh. I designed their identity, business cards, menus, signage, drink menus, specials menus, flyers, posters, tees and bar essentials.

  • Workspace, circa 2006. In Threadless’ 3rd office, we got ridiculous and took a 20’ x 60’ piece of the building and broke it into three enormous offices. Also, choosing an Eames Executive Chair is choosing to ignore 50+ years of ergonomic research. Ouch.

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