When I was a kid, my heroes were Tony Hawk and Frank Lloyd Wright. I studied architecture throughout high school and for a few semesters at Arizona State, but left to study graphic design back in Chicago.

I was learning more on my own than I was at school, so I left to continue on that path. In about a year's time I was supporting myself with freelance print work, and less than a year after that, I landed my first full-time job at a small agency.

After two years of agency life, I started a one-man design shop out of my apartment. I eventually moved my company into a small office shared with some friends who, besides being freelance programmers, had a small online tee-shirt project on the side called Threadless.

By 2004, Threadless had outpaced our client business, and it was way more fun to work on. We decided to let all our clients go, I officially joined skinnyCorp, and Threadless became a full-time job for all of us.

I spent nearly seven years at skinnyCorp focused on overall creative direction and product development/strategy for Threadless. During my time there, we built the company from a profitable side-project into a multi-million dollar brand with an active, thriving online-community of over a million tee shirt and design enthusiasts.

The company’s success afforded us the opportunity to speak all over the world, have our business model become a Harvard Business School case study, and even land us on the cover of INC Magazine.

After Threadless, I worked at Digg as Director of Design & User Experience (2009-2010), and then was VP of Product at SimpleGeo (acquired by Urban Airship, 2010-2011). In the fall of 2011, I joined the founding team of Betable, where I worked from 2011-2014 as Head of Design. I'm currently building tools to facilitate a community of authors and bookmakers at Blurb as Sr. Director of Product, Author Development.

I'm a designer, a maker, and a helper. I live in San Francisco with my wife and our two cats, Murder and BlueGeorgeMichael.